The Rats Experiment

Imagine if we could extend the life of our pets by 90%.

The original study that generated worldwide excitement about the use of olive oil with carbon 60 explained, and as a result demonstrated an extended lifespan in the investigated rats

In the “famous rats study”, the scientists dosed 10-month-old rats, daily for 7 days, then weekly until the end of the second month and then monthly until the end of the seventh month, after which all doses stopped.

There were 3 groups of rats, one group got water, another olive oil and the third group Carbon 60 in olive oil. To the great surprise, the rats that received Carbon 60 in olive oil lived longer than the other groups of rats. Completely against the expectations of the researchers.

After three years, all rats that were only cared for with water died, corresponding to the typical life expectancy of a rat that can live to be around 2.5 to 3 years old

The olive-oil-only rats lived on average 18% longer than the water-only rats, while the Carbon60-in-olive-oil treated rats lived 90% longer than the water-only rats.

Some of the C60-dosed rats lived a whopping 4.5 years, and anecdotal reports from the researchers suggest that the last rats were finally killed after 6 years so that the study could eventually be published.

The researchers stated that the primary way in which the carbon 60 had its effect was due to the reduction of oxidative stress. In other words, the carbon 60 somehow acted as a powerful antioxidant and reduced the effects of aging.

To ensure that their results were valid, the researchers also treated another group of rats with carbon tetrachloride (CCI4), which is usually quite toxic to rats.

The investigated rats exhibited the usual toxic response, with their symptoms lasting for about 24 hours, but the rats treated with Carbon 60 with olive oil only exhibited these symptoms for about 5 hours. They also examined the livers of all their rat groups and discovered that the carbon 60 protected the livers of the rats from damage.

The researchers not only found that Carbon 60 was not toxic to mammals, but also discovered that carbon 60 protected the body and liver from damage and thus significantly prolonged the lifespan.

The researchers also wondered whether prolonged administration could have resulted in an even longer lifespan in the rats, which provides a fascinating approach for further research into the almost magical properties of carbon 60.

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