What is VitaeC60?

VitaeC60 consists of high-quality cold-pressed olive oil saturated with carbon60.

How much Carbon 60, Buckmister Fullerenes is there in VitaeC60?

During the food grade production process, the premium olive oil is completely saturated with Carbon 60. A bottle of 50 ml contains 40 mg of C60.

Are there any known doses of C60 in olive oil?

It is known that people who experiment with long-term benefits use the usual recommended amount of 5ml per day.

Are any side effects or overdoses known?

There are no side effects, but a slight headache may be experienced as a result of detoxing in the first days. No overdoses are known.

Is c60 safe for human consumption?

C60 in olive oil has not been scientifically tested for human consumption. Positive laboratory tests have been done on rats to investigate the life-extending properties of C60.

How is VitaeC60 packaged?

VitaeC60 is packed in a blue glass bottle which protects the contents from light.

Can I give VitaeC60 to my pet?

Users have responded positively to this question. Start with a very low dose in regard to the lower body weight.

What is the best way to store VitaeC60 and how long will it last?

It is best to keep it in room temperature, protected from light. Your bottle of VitaeC60 will easily last 1 year after opening, although we have never heard of anyone using it so sparingly.

What if I have to cancel an order or request a refund?

If for any reason you want to change, cancel, cancel or request a refund for your order, we are happy to help. Contact us by sending an email to info@c60shop.eu

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We only sell our products for research purposes such as determining an accurate dose and dosage and longer-term effects. With the goal that in the future we can offer Carbon 60 in olive oil as an accepted official food supplement and make it accessible to a wider audience

This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. See the Terms and Conditions before you make a purchase.