Longevity is derived from the Latin word “longaevitās” and means “longevity.” The pursuit of your maximum achievable age is the goal of longevity. If you get older than most people, you could say that you have a “long life” compared to the average age.
Let it be clear that it is also important in what physical state you reach old age. With many ailments and inconveniences that old age entails, it is not a pleasant prospect for most people.

You can achieve a long lifespan through a healthy lifestyle. Biologically, lifespan is defined as “the expected average lifespan under ideal conditions”. Then the next question arises, what are ideal circumstances ?? The precise answer is difficult to give, because much research is currently being done into what exactly is the best diet and whether the best nutrients are, the best exercises and whether certain pharmaceutical products or dietary supplements can contribute to extending the expected life.

Due to advances in medicine, life expectancy has risen considerably in the last 100 years. Many deadly infection diseases are almost eliminated. It is quite possible that the true lifespan of humanity can be much higher. People can live longer if they can create the ideal conditions for a healthy diet and exercise.

What determines your lifespan?
It is generally assumed that the genes are responsible for the potential attainable age. It is now known that this only applies to 30% of life expectancy. The rest is accounted for by the behavior, the attitude, the environment and some luck. You may have heard of different life-extending techniques. Keep in mind that none of them has been proven in humans and most are just theories. The only “proven” way to live longer is to live a healthy life.

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