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Carbon 60 appears to be an agent for transformation and seems to influence individuals differently. Below some interesting, important points and a number of reported benefits.

  1. Diamonds, charcoal and graphite are allotropes of carbon
  2. Carbon 60 is made up of 60 carbon atoms and is an allotrope of Carbon on the periodic chart
  3. Carbon is the back bone of life
  4. Carbon 60 has a unique ability to donate electrons, that share electrons with another molecule
  5. The molecule size is incredibly small and therefore an an ability to float around the boy and donate electrons to free radicals and toxins
  6. These toxins and free radicals are missing an electron and therefore loose their positive function. Carbon 60 donates an electron and therefore puts the negative particles back on track
  7. This stops the elements from inhibiting your body therefore get out of the way and removing the road blocks
  8. Carbon 60 has the capacity to act as a superior antioxidant and free radical scavenger because it is so small
  9. Carbon 60 in absorbed into the body within three minutes
  10. Carbon 60 provides electrons to molecules that need it to perform their designated function
  11. Absorption is excellent due to it molecular size
  12. 172 times stronger than Vitamin C
  13. Promotes mental clarity
  14. Allows the body to function at a optimum level
  15. Removes free radicals and allows the body to heal itself
  16. Feel more energy
  17. Clarity of mind
  18. Increased stamina
  19. Super antioxidant and no side effects
  20. Muscle strength and pain
  21. Helps with oxidation